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The Arunachal Pradesh Minimum Wages Notification (April 2016)

The Government of Arunachal Pradesh as per notification No. LAB(MW) - 22/2016, has released the minimum rates of wages effective 1st April, 2016. Please refer notification for more details.

Class of Employment Area Total Per Day Total Per Month
Unskilled Area I              200.00                 6,000.00
Unskilled Area II              220.00                 6,600.00
Semi Skilled Area I              210.00                 6,300.00
Semi Skilled Area II              230.00                 6,900.00
Skilled Area I              220.00                 6,600.00
Skilled Area II              240.00                 7,200.00


Click here to read the notification 

Please take a printout of the enclosed minimum wage revision circular and prominently display it at the entrance of the office/factory premises so that all employees can easily read it.

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