Employees Provident Funds

The Employees’ Provident Funds And Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952


The Objective of the Act is to supply for the establishment of provident funds, pension fund and deposit joined insurance.

Objevtive Of Act

The Objective of the Act is to supply for the establishment of provident funds, pension fund and deposit joined insurance fund for workers in factories and alternative institutions.


Every institution that could be an industrial plant engaged in any business laid out in Schedule I and during which twenty or a lot of persons are utilized. Any institution using twenty or ... Any institution using twenty or a lot of persons or category of such institutions that the central government might by notification within the official gazette specify during this behalf. Any other institution using but twenty persons, if the central government extent the applicability by way of notification in the official Gazette. Where an institution Consists of various departments or has branches, whether or not situate within the same place or in numerous places, all such departments or branches shall be treated as elements of the same establishments.

Offences & Penalities

Imprisonment that shall not be but one year and a fine of 10 thousand rupees just in case of default in payment of the employees’ ... contribution that has been subtracted by the employer from the employees’ wages. Imprisonment which shall not be less than six months and a fine of five thousand rupees, in any other case. However, the court may, for any adequate and special reasons to be recorded in the judgment, impose a sentence of imprisonment for a lesser term.

What We Do

We provide services of professional expert in maintenance, preparation and submission of the following Records/Returns etc. as per the requirement under EPF & MP Act, 1952:

Company Registration

  • Preparation of document required for registration of an establishment / factory under the Employees’ Provident Fund & Misc. Provisions Act. 1952 and procuring Code Number.
  • Completion of come of possession in kind No. 5A.
  • Preparing of details of employees in Form No. 9 (Revised).
  • Submission of Specimen Signature and Digital Signature

Company Compliance (Monthly and Annually)

  • Generation of UAN and EPF member ID
  • Update KYC of the new joinee.
  • Preparation of ECR and Challans.
  • Preparation & Maintenance of Statutory Registers & Records as needed underneath EPF Act / Schemes.
  • Preparation of Monthly PF Ledger.
  • Preparation of Monthly return in Form 7(IF) as per the requirement under the EDLI Scheme 1975.
  • Completion of Nomination & Declaration sorts in kind No. 2 (Revised) of the employees
  • Preparation of declaration by the staff at the time of connection the corporate in kind No. 11(Revised).
  • Keep AN eagle eye on the changes and amendments meted out within the Act and supply timely steerage and support to the shoppers from time to time.

Record Management

  • Provide complete support in drafting the replies of show notices received from the PF Department and Liaison with concerned Authority.
  • Preparation & Maintenance of Inspection Note Book, Annual Contribution from the P.F Department and Liaison with concerned Authority..

EPF Enquiry – u/s 7A/7B/18B

  • Provide support and assistance and to attend PF Enforcement Officers for the purpose of inspection of records. Make appearance as an authorized representative of the client before the Authority concerned in the event of the proceedings under section 7A/7B/7C and 14B of the EPF and MP Act 1952.

Compliance in r/o International Employees effective from 01.11.2008

  • Filling monthly return of International Worker IW-1.

PF Withdrawals & Transfers

  • Support in preparing and completion of the documents required for PF withdrawal in Forms (19, 10C/10D) and assist employees in having claim settled.
  • Provide support to the staff in completion of kind thirteen for transfer of PF accumulation from one workplace to a different.
  • Receipt of PF transfer forms (Form 13) from new appointees and causation them to RPFC/Ex-Employers trust for obtaining the fund transferred through the involved RPFC workplace.
  • Taking care the method of PF withdrawals and Transfer inside prescribed time as per Act.
  • Scrutiny of papers to make sure that very same are inside the norms as fixed underneath the foundations.
  • Acknowledging the transferred received.

Additional Services

  • Providing day to day practice on matters touching on EPF, pension scheme & EDLI scheme
  • Assistance in making certain / compliant numerous provisions of the Act associated with disclosures, notices, displays, deductions, forfeiture etc.
  • Assistance to employees in Transfer of EPF Accumulations.
  • Assistance to staff of firm in claiming widow pension, family pension , kids pension underneath worker pension theme
  • Assistance employees in claiming / obtaining superannuation pension certificates.
  • Assistance to employees of establishment for register the grievance.

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