Employees State Insurance

The Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948


The objective of the act is to produce for sure advantages to workers just in case of illness, maternity and “employment injury”

Objective Of Act

The objective of the act is to produce for sure advantages to workers just in case of illness, maternity and “employment injury” and to produce for sure different matters in relation there to.


The Act is applicable to all factories including factories belonging to the Government other than seasonal factories. The appropriate Government may after ... giving a notice of not less than six months and by notification in the official Gazette, extend the application of the Act or any of them, to the other institution or category of institutions, industrial, commercial, agricultural or otherwise. Once the Act becomes applicable, the Act shall continue to apply irrespective of the reduction in number of employees or cessation of manufacturing process with the aid of power.

Offnces & Penalities

Following Penalties are imposed by the E.S.I.C Departments in several offences for any institution below the E.S.I.C Act 1948.Which shall not be less than 1 year and a fine of 10 thousand ... and a fine of 10 thousand rupees in case of default in payment of the employees’ contribution which has been deducted by the employer from the employees’ wages. Which shall not be less than 6 months and a fine of 5 thousand rupees, in any other case. However, the court may, for any adequate and special reasons to be recorded in the judgment, impose a sentence of imprisonment for a lesser term.

What We Do

We provide professional and expert services in maintenance, preparation and submission of the following Records/Returns etc. as per the requirement under the Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948.

Company Registration

  • Support in obtaining registration of an establishment / factory under the ESIC Act, 1948

Company Compliance (Monthly and Annually)

  • Registration of the employees for the benefits under ESIC Act.
  • To provide temporary Identity Card (TIC) after registration of employees by downloading and Printing of the same for the use of employees & Insured persons.
  • Compliance under Regulation 32 of ESIC (General) Regulation 1950 in electronic form.
  • Calculation of accurate employee and employer contribution to ESIC.
  • Preparation of monthly Bank Challan required for deposit of monthly contribution under ESIC Act.
  • Compliance under Regulation 26 of ESI (General) Regulation 1950 in electronic form as per requirement of ESIC Act.
  • Preparation and finalization of Annual Return in Form Number 01-A and submission of an equivalent as per the ESIC Act.

Record Management

  • Provide professional expertise and guidance in any other notice/correspondence received under different provisions of the ESIC Act.
  • Provide complete guidance with regard to any amendment/changes in ESIC Act from time to time and its impact on the clients

Esic Enquiry – u/s C-18 and 45A

  • Provide support and assistance and to attend ESIC Enforcement Officers for the purpose of inspection of records. Make appearance as an authorized representative of the client before the Authority concerned and Support in drafting of reply to the different notices such as C-18, Order under section 45-A, charm U/s 45-A, C-19, CP-2, CP-23, CP-24 etc. received from the ESIC Department.
  • Provide 100% support and guidance for compliance to the actions for notices such as D-18, Order under section 85(B), D-19 & Recovery of dues etc.
  • Provide support in drafting the replies to the Show cause notice under section 84-85 of ESIC Act.

Esic Benefit Management (Support)

  • Provide help and prepare the documents in case of accident or demised employee immediately.

Additional Services

  • Support in drafting of the replies to the correspondence and keeping Liaison with ESIC Department.
  • All assessment & inspection from ESIC department, when required.
  • Reply of Notices etc. from the concern authorities.
  • Information with regard to any amendment/changes in the act will be informed timely.

Additional Services

  • Providing day to day practice on matters touching on EPF, pension scheme & EDLI scheme
  • Assistance in making certain / compliant numerous provisions of the Act associated with disclosures, notices, displays, deductions, forfeiture etc.
  • Assistance to employees in Transfer of EPF Accumulations.
  • Assistance to staff of firm in claiming widow pension, family pension , kids pension underneath worker pension theme
  • Assistance employees in claiming / obtaining superannuation pension certificates.
  • Assistance to employees of establishment for register the grievance.

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